Campaign against Littering – Environment Protection – Stamps of Slovenia 2020.

Slovenia issued a set of Five Definitive stamps on 25 Sep 2020 on the theme Campaign against Littering as part of Environment Protection Programme. These stamp themes are mirrors our attitudes towards environment. These are our minor actions which are becoming major environment concerns.

No Value Indicator – Alphabet A – Discarding Chewing Gum in Public Areas. Chewing Gum Manufacturers spend huge amounts on Advertising their products. But Discarding of Chewing Gum in Public Places, Pavements and Schools is a nuisance and harmful for environment.

No Value Indicator – Alphabet B – Discarding Cigarette Butts – Despite numerous warnings and laws across every country of the globe throwing Cigarette Butts out of Car windows is a common Phenomenon. Public Health and Environment both are at risk.