EUROPA 2020 – Historic Postal Routes Thorn & Taxis – Austria.

Austria issued a 100 Euro Cent stamp on EUROPA 2020 Theme of Ancient Postal Routes .It features the Palais Fugger in Innsbruck (Tyrol). Emperor Maximillian I established the Modern Service around 1490. He established a regular courier service from his residential city of Innsbruck to distant parts of his empire. He entrusted the management to Taxis family and subsequently to Thurn and Taxis Family. The Counts of Thurn & Taxis acquired Palais Fugger in Innsbruck’s Maria- Theresien -Strasse in 1784. It was used as their residence and a post station as also waiting room for Postal Service Customers. The Province of Tyrol bought it in 1905 and Postal service continued till 1908. Today it is Tyrol Art Museum.