Custard Squares ,Chocolate Crackles, Ginger Biscuits & Melting Moments on Stamps – New Zealand 2020.

New Zealand issued a set of  15 Stamps on $ 1.40 each to celebrate classic baked treats. These are favorites found at local bakery shop, made at home, local or regional favorites or recipes from abroad or even the baking tradition of Aotearoa. Individual stamps will be listed separately.

Date of Issue – 01 Jul 2020

$1.40 Custard Squares

Custard Squares comprise two crisp sheets of flaky pastry with a significant layer of rich vanilla custard in between. The top is iced and either sprinkled with desiccated coconut or decorated with lines of feather icing.

$1.40 Chocolate Crackles

Cornflakes and rice bubbles were available in New Zealand from the late 1920s and were quickly adopted for biscuits and slices and even meringues. Involving no baking at all, Chocolate Crackles have been a children’s party favourite for decades.

$1.40 Ginger Biscuits

New Zealand seems to have a particular obsession with ginger in baking. Community cookery books abound with recipes for Ginger Biscuits or Gingersnaps, Ginger Crunch, Ginger Kisses, Ginger Gems, Ginger Puddings, Pear Ginger and of course homemade ginger beer.

$1.40 Melting Moments

Melting Moments have a pretty name and a distinctive appearance. They are small round, buttery biscuits, decorated with indentations made with the tines of a fork and sandwiched in pairs with butter icing. Related to Scottish shortbread, they have a more melting texture since they are made with icing sugar and cornflour.