Louise Cake ,Afghans, & Banana Cake on Stamps – New Zealand 2020.

New Zealand issued a set of  15 Stamps on $ 1.40 each to celebrate classic baked treats. These are favorites found at local bakery shop, made at home, local or regional favorites or recipes from abroad or even the baking tradition of Aotearoa. Individual stamps are listed .

Date of Issue – 01 Jul 2020

$1.40 Louise Cake

In New Zealand home baking, desiccated coconut has historically provided an economical substitute for the ground almonds used in many European recipes, since coconuts are grown throughout the Pacific. It is included in the meringue topping over the jam and biscuit base of Louise Cake.

$1.40 Afghans

Afghans, like Chocolate Crackles, involve using commercially made breakfast cereals. Afghans are small, crisp chocolate cakes iced with chocolate icing and topped with a half walnut. The source of the name remains a mystery, though one theory is that returned soldiers saw a likeness to the hats worn by Afghan camel drivers in Egypt.

$1.40 Banana Cake

In New Zealand, countless over-ripe bananas are rescued by their inclusion in moreish cakes, loaves and muffins. Banana Cake filled with sliced bananas and whipped cream and iced with thin lemon icing was the favourite of a legendary New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary.