Stamps on Myanmar Film Industry – 2020

Myanmar Cinema traces its history to 1910. Ohn Maung founded the Burma Film Company and he made the First Silent Burmese Movie with Title Myitta Ne Thuya (Love and Liquor). The lead role was played by Nyi Pu. It was a story on how gambling and alcohol destroyed a man’s life. It was a big hit. It premiered on 13 Oct 1920 and 13 Oct is celebrated as Myanmar Movie Day.

The First Burmese sound film was made in 1932 in Bombay and titled Ngwe Pay Lo Ma Ya (Money can’t buy it). The Cinema in Burma or Myanmar has not progressed much. In 2008 only 12 Films were made , number of theatres in 2011 declined to just 71 and majority in Rangoon or Mandalay. 2014 onwards has seen a revival and The Monk was screened in the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. In 2019, 60 Films were produced.

A 200 Kyat stamp was issued on 13 Oct 2020 to commemorate 100 Years of Myanmar Cinema.