80 Years of the Uzbek State Puppet Theatre- 2020

The Uzbek State Puppet Theater was established on December 25, 1939. The theater houses a museum of puppets, which contains exhibits from all over the world. One of the treasures of the museum is “Palvan” – the Uzbek national hero of the early 20th century. The theater’s repertoire included more than 20 plays based on the famous classical fairy tales: Cinderella, The Golden Key, The Fiery Blade, Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, Andersen Again and others. The theater celebrated its 80th anniversary on December 25, 2019.

The postage stamp depicts a doll in national dress and a front view of the building. On the upper part of the postal block there is an inscription in the Uzbek language in Latin graphics “80 years of the Uzbek State Puppet Theater”.

A Miniature Sheet of 15,800 Som was issued on 15 Jan 2020.