Food Bank of Spain – Fesbal Congress -2021.

Civic values ​​are the set of behaviors that are considered positive for the development of society. These values ​​must be transmitted through generations so that the development of society is continuous, positive and so that they are not lost or forgotten in time.

Spain issued a stamp within the Civic Values ​​series, this time dedicated to the Food Bank of Spain.

The main objective of the Food Banks is to recover surpluses in perfect conditions for consumption and redistribute them free of charge through charities to the most disadvantaged people. In this way, it is possible to put food to good use, avoiding waste and, above all, covering the basic needs of those who have financial difficulties in acquiring food and basic necessities. Thus, in addition to avoiding the misuse of surpluses, waste is also fought and the environment is favored.

One of the main values ​​of the Spanish Federation of the Food Bank are the thousands of volunteers who make its operation possible. People, who, without receiving an economic retribution with it, dedicate their time and effort to help others.

One of the most important events of this entity is the Great Food Collection. Since 2014, the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) coordinates the 54 Food Banks of Spain in their promotion and dissemination of the campaign. In 2012 they were awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord for their tireless work.

The stamp reproduces an illustration reminiscent of the FESBAL logo, in which we can see how a bird provides food to two other birds, alluding to the priceless work of this organization.

Date of Issue – 02 Apr 2021 Denomination -1.90 Euro Print 210,000