Postcards on Iberian Lynx -Spain -EUROPA 2021.

Spain has chosen one of the most emblematic animals of the Peninsula, the Iberian lynx, as the main motif for EUROPA 2021.The stamp includes a drawing of four lynxes of different sizes with strokes and colors that remind us of this special animal.

The lynx, larger than a domestic cat, was declared a protected species in 1966 and is considered the most threatened feline in the world.

Among the main threats to this species is the destruction of its habitat, which impedes the dispersal capacity of the species and leads to inbreeding. Also, the decrease in their favorite prey for food, such as rabbits, the increasingly frequent abuses and hunting, are other causes for the disappearance of these unique specimens.

In order to combat these threats, different actions are carried out such as adaptation of their habitat, improvement of the rabbit population, conservation outside their usual spaces and reintroduction. Also, genetic reinforcement is tried to avoid diseases and especially social awareness and the relentless persecution of poachers.

Recently, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reclassified the Iberian lynx from the category of “critically endangered” to “endangered”, which indicates a recovery of wild populations and wonderful news. 

A Postcard is listed – Date of Issue 14 May 2021.