Fan Paintings – South Korea 2021.

South Korea issued a set of six stamps in a Se-tenant strip of Six. All stamps are of 380 Won. The Fan in south Korea is considered as a representative handicraft. The custom of painting and writing on Fans was prevalent during Joseon Dynasty. It was believed that such paintings enhanced the dignity of the user. The six stamps represent the Fan paintings of Joseon Dynasty. Fans were regularly used in Korea even before the The Three Kingdoms of Korea. The First Folding fans originated in Goryeo Dynasty.

The Designs include paintings by Jeong Seon who was a real scenery landscape painter and one of the fan paintings shows the Jeongyangsa temple printed ,it is a real landscape painting of Geumgangsan mountain with twelve thousand peaks as seen from Jeongyangsa. The pointy rocky peaks and green forest spread out.

Gazing at a waterfall under a Pine Tree by Yi Insang is theme of another Fan Painting.

Kim Hongdo’s work Elegant gathering in Western Garden painted in 1778 illustrates the literati from Song Dynasty China like Su Shi and Li Gonglin

Chatting under Pine trees by the stream is the theme of a painting by Yi Inmun.

The Fan Painting by Sin Myeong-yeon features stems of white and red plum blossoms.

Modern Painter Lee Doyeong added drawings of a mandarin fish and tea kettle ,Go Hudong painted a corn and water melon on the precious vessels and flowering plants. Their teacher An Jung-sik added writings to the paintings. the Fruits and vegetables in the paintings have a blissful meaning.

Date of Issue -17 May 2021