Korea -Russia Joint Issue -Bears – 2020.

To commemorate 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic ties between Korea and Russia a pair of Se-Tenant stamps was issued on 15 Dec 2020 by Korea Post. The Stamps feature Ussuri Asiatic Black Bear and European Brown Bear. Both the stamps are denominated 380 Won.

Ussuri Asiatic Black Bear – It has a white-crescent shaped patch on chest . It was found in Korean Peninsula but now listed by Korea in Class I endangered category. In wild its lifespan is 20 years but when bred in captivity can live upto 30 years . Russia gave six Asiatic Black Bears to Korea in 2004 which were introduced in Jirisan National Park. The Asiatic bear can grow from 130-190 cms and can weigh from 150-200 kgs

European Brown Bear – Russia is home to about 100,000 brown bears. It is home to largest number of Brown bears. These animals can grow from 190 to 280 cms and can weigh from 200 to 400 kgs . their lifespan is 50 years.