Israel – Brazil Joint Issue – Two Cities – 2020.

The relationship between Israel and Brazil began on the eve of the establishment of the State of Israel, aided by Brazilian statesman Osvaldo Aranha, who chaired the United Nations meeting on November 29, 1947 and contributed to passing the resolution that established the Jewish State in Eretz Israel. Although Israel is one of the smallest nations on the planet and Brazil is the fifth largest in the world, the bilateral relations between these two countries are blossoming. They have compatible economies and their differences allow an exchange of knowledge and resources based on each country’s strengths. Full diplomatic relations exist continuously in all fields. Israel and Brazil are both pluralistic multi-cultural immigrant societies that appreciate the bonds between people, the human sacrifice and unity that strengthen us in our strongest and weakest moments. Both countries share common values, such as that of solidarity, which has been expressed over the years in international organizations, and through humanitarian aid and diplomatic relations.

The joint issue stamps – featuring Tel-Aviv next to Jaffa (Yafo) and Recife next to Olinda – represent two adjacent cities that grew alongside each other but developed in different directions. One preserved its historical and traditional characteristics, while the other developed into a widespread modern metropolis.

Israel-Brazil Joint Issue - Set