100th Anniversary of the Estonian Football Federation- Estonia 2021

The Estonian Football Association was founded on 14 December 1921.

The Estonian Football Association was founded by nine representatives (Bernhard Abrams, Karl Akel, William Fiskar, Julius Reinans, Oskar Raudsep, Otto Silber, Heinrich Roost, Verner Eklöf, and Vladimir Tell) of three clubs (Estonian Sports Association Tallinna Kalev, Tallinn Football Club, and Gymnastics Society Tallinn Sport). The first chairman of the association was Gustav Laanekõrb.

The Estonian Football Association became a member of FIFA in 1923 and of UEFA in 1992. Activities of the Estonian Football Association, which were interrupted by the occupation after the Second World War, were resumed on 3 December 1988.

Today, the Estonian Football Association is the largest sports organisation in Estonia. It organises the work of 14 different national teams and their home games, conducts Estonian adult and youth championships and various cups, trains judges and coaches, licenses clubs and players, develops regulations and develops infrastructure, etc.

According to the Estonian Sports Register, there are 21,573 football players in 236 different clubs in Estonia.

Date of Issue – 30 Aug 2021