FDC Miniature Sheet–Koroski Zigec – Slovenia 2021.

KOROSKI ZIGEC – hunting dog

The Koroski Zigec is an old breed of hunting dog. It stands 46 to 52 cm high and has a black coat with tan markings and characteristic tan patches above the eyes. They are used to hunt foxes, hares and wild boars. But they are not only good at following a scent: they also make wonderful pets.

In the past the Koroski Zigec was the most widespread hound breed in Slovenia. The breed has gone by various names: Carinthian Setter, Alpine Hound, Balkan Setter and Koroski Zigec. In the years following the Second World War it was known as the [Yugoslavian] Mountain Hound. The first pedigree book, from 1939, lists two of these hounds, the first being Valdi (JRB 24), the property of Franc Šušter of Hrastnik. Two Yugoslavian Mountain Hounds were shown at the first national dog show, which took place in Ljubljana on 7 September 1947, while an international dog show held from 11 to 12 September 1948 in Ljubljana included eight specimens of the Koroski Zigec.

The first breed standard for Yugoslavian Mountain Hounds was published in 1969. All hunting dogs resembling the Koroski Zigec were classified as Mountain Hounds, regardless of differences in appearance and character. After Slovenia became independent, the International Canine Federation (FCI) assigned the Mountain Hound breed to Montenegro. In view of the significant differences between the Montenegrin Mountain Hound and the Koroski Zigec, the Cynological Association of Slovenia commenced the planned breeding of the Koroski Zigec in 2018.

A Miniature sheet was issued on 24 Sep 2021 worth 1.95 Euro with print run of 25,000