Rose – Spain 2021

About Flora – Rose

If there is a smell that the popular imagination associates with good, pleasant things, it is the smell of roses.

A stamp with this scent is issued as part of the Flora series, with which Correos each year dedicates a small tribute to plant species that grow in our country, as it did previously with other flowers such as the carnation (2006), the violet (2007) or the camellia (2008).

This issue shows a close-up of the bud of a rose, with its delicate, deep red petals. Continuing with the innovation in the stamps, a subtle scent of rose has been incorporated in order to perfume all those letters where the stamp is incorporated.

The rose scent is a classic and enduring scent. The rose is almost an emblem. There are cultural references since ancient times, in which this flower was a symbol of beauty, love and happiness.

For this reason, its iconography has been frequently used in philatelic issues, such as the 2002 card entitled “The Flower and the Landscape”, which contains fragments of nine works by the Extremaduran painter Eduardo Naranjo, in which several roses are reproduced.

This theme is also widely followed in international philately. In Asian countries such as China and Bhutan, flowers are the protagonists of many of their stamps due to the deep-rooted tradition surrounding them.

Rose gardens are a spectacle for the senses. The rose gardens are an expression of colours and scents, creating impressive landscapes worthy of any work of art.

The rose decorates a garden or an elegant table. The rose shares joys and consoles sadness. Perhaps its very morphology is an example of this: the beauty of its petals versus the danger of its thorns.

As a curious fact, there is a symbolism associated with the colour of roses, with red roses being associated with love or passion, white roses with purity and yellow roses with jealousy and infidelity.

A 4.15 Euro stamp was issued by Spain 17 Sep 2021. A FDC is listed