About Pro Juventute – Children Assume Responsibility

Children with a well-developed sense of self-esteem are happier and less prone to habits that may harm their health. These research ndings are illustrated in appealing fashion on this year’s Pro Juventute stamps.

Our sense of self-esteem grows when we are allowed to contribute to and assume responsibility in society, because we all want to feel a sense of belonging. The same is true of children. Many like to help out by cooking, doing little chores or looking after their younger siblings for a while. If a task is age-appropriate and challenging but not overtaxing, and if children sense they are helping others, they feel needed.

These psychological ndings are illus- trated in an attractive retro style on the Pro Juventute special stamps. On the CHF 85+40 stamp, a boy is helping his little sister to put on her shoes. On the CHF 100+50 stamp, the same girl helps her grandmother with the shopping.

The fact that young people grow and develop when they can lend others a helping hand is especially true of teen- agers. They don’t just want to be looked after, but to accomplish things them- selves!

Date of Issue -4 Nov 2021 Thematics -Children