Stamps in the shape of Mini FFP2 Mask and from mask material – Austria 2021

The corona pandemic has kept the world in suspense for almost two years – and inextricably linked with it are, among other things, the masks that have been with us in everyday life for some time now.

In the beginning, it was simple, often self-sewn colorful fabric masks that were supposed to protect against infection, but in January 2021 after the further increase in the number of infections, so-called FFP2 masks were prescribed for certain situations, for example in shops or on public transport. FFP2 masks (“Filtering Face Piece”) are particle-filtering half masks with a higher protective effect than fabric or surgical masks. Wearing such a mask also has a positive side effect: flu and runny nose viruses don’t stand a chance either.

Even if it is not yet foreseeable whether and in what form the mask requirement will continue to exist, this original brand block is intended to remind with a little wink of the eye how easy it is to help protect against infection with a mask. Hämmerle & Vogel, the specialist for embroidery and also for textile postage stamps, manufactured the stamps from original material produced in Europe for the mask production: Two layers of fleece were embroidered in the form of an FFP2 mask and then cut out with laser technology, the loose loops were also embroidered and attached to it in a complex process. The embroidery emphasizes the characteristic details of the mask such as the folds and the nose clip. #Philately #Unusual Stamps #CoronaProtective Clothing

Date of Issue – 30 Sep 2021.