Mitten stamps from Cotton -Austria 2021

Mittens – winter clothing in the miniature format of a commemorative stamp

This fancy self-adhesive textile stamp in the shape of a glove features a red reindeer and white snowflakes. Using a special process, it is printed on a blend of cotton and polyester.

Winter is coming and classic winter clothes like hoods, scarves and sturdy boots are taken out of the wardrobes again. Those who do not want to get cold fingers, even in the snow, will never do without a pair of warming gloves. For this purpose, the miniature mittens of this stamp are a bit too small, but nevertheless, real textiles were used – which makes the stamp so special. Canvas is the name of the material, a blend of cotton and polyester.

The winter motifs and the lettering are printed on the material by means of a special sublimation process. To ensure that the ink really lasts for a long time and the result is high quality, a special combination of heat and pressure is used. The main problem during the process is that the material shrinks due to the heat. Therefore, the textile material is pre-treated with 220 degrees heat before printing. However, the complex production pays off. The result is a very special stamp, perfect for sending Christmas mail.

Issue Date 12 Nov 2011.