World Autism Awareness Day 02 April – Sri Lanka

Autism is a permanent neurological condition that is evident from early childhood, regardless of gender, race and social or economic conditions.The stigmatisation and discrimination associated with diversity in neurology remain the main obstacles to diagnosis and treatment.

That is why it is really important to dedicate a day to raising awareness of this condition and therefore improving general knowledge about it.In order to achieve this, the United Nations General Assembly declared World Autism Awareness Day as 2 April.

Throughout its history, the United Nations has been committed to increasing visibility of diversity and promoting respect of the rights and wellbeing of people with disabilities.

2020, World Autism Awareness Day focussed on encouraging the use of technology to support people with autism and help them better integrate in society, breaking down barriers that may hinder this. Through access to technology, people on the autistic spectrum have great support for developing aspects that are important in their daily lives, as well as becoming involved and participating in their community.

Sri Lanka issued a 15 Sri lankan Rupees stamp on 02 Apr 2022 to mark this day