2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development -Switzerland 2022

Under the name “2030 Agenda”, 193 UN member states defined 17 goals, which provide a global framework for sustainable development. These are known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2022, Switzerland will provide a comprehensive national report for the second time.

Focusing on country-specific measures, it will be submitted to the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Develop- ment (HLPF) held every year at the UN’s headquarters in New York. The report is coordinated by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and based on a broad review process, in which all de- partments as well as various stakeholders from outside the Federal Administration are involved.

The special stamp aims to highlight the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs. The design features 17 colours that represent the SDGs. They make up the term “2030 Agenda” using basic geometric shapes – in other words, the simplest visual elements from which all complex forms are created.

Every letter and figure occupies exactly the same quadratic area, as each of the goals is equally important. The shapes look like toy bricks, playfully encouraging people to help reshape the world, as set out in the design concept.

Date of Issue -28 Apr 2022 Denomination – 110 Swiss Centime