Pro Patria 2022 – 100th 1 August Badge -Switzerland

In 2022, the Pro Patria stamps are celebrating the foundation’s 100th 1 August badge. A representation of Switzerland’s cultural diversity was created to mark this anniversary – presented on a tiny space but with a powerful impact.

The two anniversary stamps are dedi- cated to Pro Patria’s 1 August badge: 100 x Switzerland, 100 x diversity and solidarity. In chronological order, the stamps portray all badges since 1923 and present a century of social and cultural change on a tiny space. The 1 August badge symbolizes the Swiss people’s willingness to help others better than anything else. Swiss Post branches and volunteers – individuals, schools and associations – have been selling the badge for almost 100 years. In the past, the proceeds mainly went towards social projects, education, the advancement of women in society and many other ini- tiatives. Today, Pro Patria focuses on Switzerland’s unique cultural treasures.

The heraldic silver and Swiss red enrich this year’s stamps to produce a historic document featuring all of the previous 99 badges. In 100th place, the Swiss Cross can be seen. This can be interpreted as a plus sign, leaving space for new addi- tions and the future – but also for the yet-to-be-revealed 100th badge.

Date of Issue -28th April 2022 Denomination 90+45 & 110+55 Swiss Centimes