Muga Silk of Assam -Special Covers of India 2022.

In the Brahamputra Valley the Larvae of Assam Silkmoth feed on aromatic Som and Sualu leaves. Muga silk can be dyed after bleaching . It is known for its durability and has a natural Yellowish -Golden tinge. It is a varierty of Wild silk GI Tagged to Assam. It was recognised as protected Geographical Indication in 2007 and granted a GI Logo for trademark purposes in 2014. India produced 158 tonnes of Muga Silk in 2014-15 out of which 136 tonnes was produced in Assam. India’s total silk output in the same period amounted to 28,708 tonnes.

A Special Cover was released on 03 Mar 2022 at Guwahati , Assam on Muga Silk.