Wild Flowers of Bhutan – Stamps of Bhutan 2014

Wild Flowers of BhutanStamps of Bhutan 2014.

A Miniature sheet with Four stamps on the theme Wild flowers of Bhutan was released by Bhutan Post on 15 Jun 2014. The Four Flowers are

Clematis Fongulensis Genus of about 300 species

Iris Goniocarpa -is a species of genus Iris.It has yellow green to dark green long , leaves,slender stem,one flower between blue ,lavender blue to lilac. Found in slopes of Himalayan mountains between 2700 to 5500 metres

Oxygraphis Glacialis– Perennial herb

Rosa Macrophylla – common name Himalayan Rose. One of the most remarkable and variable rose species. Macrophylla  means large leaved.It is a tall bush,moderately prickly,long leaflets of bluish green with medium sized Pink flowers. It is grows  in Himalayas at altitudes of 2400 to 3600 metres. Flowering in Jun -Jul.


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