Date Palm on Stamps – United Arab Emirates 2008

Date Palm on Stamps – United Arab Emirates 2008

A set of seven stamps on varieties Dates were issued by UAE on 22 Oct 2008.

Culturally, dates have long played a key role in Middle Eastern cuisine and rituals surrounding hospitality. They’re particularly prevalent during Ramadan, when they’re often given as gifts and eaten to break the fast. They also play an important part in the agriculture of the region: there are more than 400 varieties of date in the UAE and date production makes up the majority of fruit and vegetable farming in the UAE. In 2005, the figures were as high as 60 percent.

Dates are rich in Vitamins,Minerals like Potassium, Natural Sugar like Sucrose, Antioxidants & Amino acids.

A Presentation pack containing seven stamps – A Block of Four setenant and three other stamps is listed. The Varieties Dates on stamps are Abumaan,  Jash Hamad, Msalli , Farth, Mirzaban , Abukibal & Salani.

Dates on stamps of United Arab Emirates

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