Stamps to Fund Breast Cancer Research- USA Stamps of 2014 Breast Cancer Research.

Stamps are sometimes issued to raise funds for some causes,research etc.These are called semi postal stamps also as there is surcharge added to face value/postal value to the stamp .The surcharge goes to funding such causes.

The USA issued a stamp in 1998 on Breast Cancer Research .It was the first semi-postal stamp issued by US Postal Service (USPS).The Breast cancer research stamp has been re -issued in 2014 (49c + 11c). The rate now in 2018 is 65c (50c+15c). The stamps were issued in sheets of 20 stamps.This postage is valid for first class mail ,single piece first ounce rate.

The stamp depicts a woman standing with her right arm raised,reaching behind her head in the position recommended for breast self examination. The drawing of woman’s body is set against a background of pastel colors from yellow to violet. Across the top of stamp are words “Breast Cancer” and encircling the figure’s  right breast are phrases “FUND THE FIGHT” & “FIND A CURE”.

The stamp has been designed by Whitney Sherman.The pose reminded her of Greek Goddess of Hunt Artemis (Diana to the Romans) reaching back to pull arrow from the quiver hanging on her shoulder.It signifies strength,courage,survival and hope-all emotions which the stamp designer hoped to capture in stamp art design.

Till date the stamp has raised more than $78 million for breast cancer research.Support this cause as Breast Cancer is second leading cause of cancer death in Women.