Quince Scented Stamp of Switzerland – Miniature sheet 2017

Quince Scented Stamp of Switzerland – Miniature sheet 2017

The Quince was declared Switzerland’s Fruit of Year 2017.To mark this special honor a limited edition miniature sheet was issued on 31 Aug  2017 which gives off fragrance of Quince.

FRUCTUS has designated a fruit of every year since 2008. It is a charitable organisation established in 1985 as a nationwide association in Switzerland to promote a gene bank for all fruit varieties and standard orchards.

The name Quince derives from latin word “malium cydonium” or cydonian apple .

Quince is a stone fruit. A very few foreign varieties can be eaten raw. The Quince found in Switzerland are known for their heady fragrant scent and many delicacies that can be prepared from them .

The miniature sheet features the refreshing color and shape of this fruit as well as its sensuous aromas. the fruit on miniature sheet is treated with a special varnish which releases the aroma when touched.

A Postally used miniature is listed.


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