State Flag of Missouri – USA 1976.

State Flag of Missouri – USA 1976.

The USA issued a set of 50 stamps on State Flags of States of the USA on 23 Feb 1976. We are listing them in Alphabetical order of States name. All stamps are 13 cents denomination. This stamp is 25th in the series.

Missouri State Flag –  The Final flag was approved in 1913. The main features on the Flag are

  • The flag has three stripes – Bravery (red stripe), Purity ( White stripe), Justice (blue stripe)
  • The centre has state seal with 24 stars (Missouri became 24th state on Aug 10,1821)
  • Two grizzly bears symbolize strength and courage and stand on a scroll bearing state motto
  • Bears support a shield with motto and US State seal
  • Above the shield is a helmet with 24 stars

A First Day Cover is listed, it shows Missouri State Flag


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