Stamps on Modern Pentathlon – Tokyo Olympics -Lithuania

Lithuania has issued a 0.84 Euro stamp to commemorate the 2021 Tokyo Olympics on 23 Jul 2021 .

The postage stamp depicts the modern pentathlon sport by chance. It is the only sport created specifically for the Olympics. This sport was created by Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. The Ancient Olympics featured a pentathlon consisting of running races, wrestling, long jump, javelin throw and discus throw. In the modern pentathlon, athletes compete in the following five competitions: gun shooting, fencing with a spike, 200-meter freestyle, show jumping and cross-country running. Due to modifications in the pentathlon, the word modern pentathlon was added at the modern Olympics. In 1912, the first modern pentathlon was held at the Summer Olympics. Since 1996, the modern pentathlon lasts one day

Laura Asadauskaite won a Silver Medal in Women’s Individual Modern Pentathlon in Tokyo 2021 on 06 Aug 2021. This was Lithuania’s only medal in Olympics.