State Flag of Minnesota – USA 1976.

The USA issued a set of 50 stamps on State Flags of States of the USA on 23 Feb 1976. We are listing them in Alphabetical order of States name. All stamps are 13 cents denomination. This stamp is 24th in the series.

Minnesota State Flag –  The Final flag was approved in 1957. The main features on the Flag are

  • The flag is blue with the state seal in the centre.
  • Three dates are woven on the wreath surrounding the seal, year of Statehood (1858), year Fort snelling was established (1819), and year the original flag was adopted (1893).
  • 19 stars outside the wreath symbolize that Minnesota was the 19th state to join the Union after the originals.
  • The largest star represents North Star and Minnesota.
  • The state motto on seal in French is “Letoile  du Nord” meaning the Star of the North
  • Sun on Western Horizon represents Plains
  • Native American on Horseback.

A First Day Cover is listed, it shows Minnesota State Flag.