State Flag of Maryland – USA 1976

State Flag of Maryland – USA 1976.

The USA issued a set of 50 stamps on State Flags of States of the USA on 23 Feb 1976. We are listing them in Alphabetical order of States name. All stamps are 13 cents denomination. This stamp is 21st in the series.

Maryland State Flag –  The First State flag of Maine was adopted in 1904. The main features on the Flag are

  • The flag bears Arms of  Calvert and Crossland Families
  • Calvert was the family name of Lords Baltimore who founded Maryland.
  • Their Colors of Gold and Black appear in the 1st and 4th quarter of the flag.
  • Crossland was family of Mother of George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore.
  • The red and white Crossland colours, with cross bottony, appear in 2nd and 3rd quarters of Flag

A First Day Cover is listed, it shows Maryland State Flag.


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